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Dancing Queen Tara Bodysuit - Shine Black


So shiny, so bright. People will be all like ooh, see that girl? Dancing Queen Shine Black is a serious show stopper. You’ll be having the time of your life as you sparkle with every move. That black is so rich, it plays off of the shine and sparkles in a very starry night kind of way. This bodysuit is everything! That ruffle and off the shoulder action looks so freaking amazing, we just can’t! She’s got some skinny mini straps to keep things on the up and up so you don’t have to worry when you’re running to your next meeting with your mentor or letting the music take you away. With you pair her with high waisted MuMu Blues or Carlos Swing Shorts there is no stopping Tara! *MADE IN THE GORGE USA* *87% Poly, 7% Metallic, 6% Elastane *Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended. Ryann is 5'8" and she is wearing a size small.